Von Menschen und Mäusen - Francesco Santoianni

Francesco Santoianni
From the Pied Piper to Mickey Mouse. A fascinating, carefully researched historical account of mice and rats, and of their fraught relationship with man. Their migrations, their role in spreading the plague that swept Europe in past centuries, their presence in today’s cities (where they greatly outnumber the human inhabitants), the emergence of pesticide-resistant superrats… the book offers a wealth of sometimes unexpected, often amusing, occasionally alarming information, and in the end says a lot more about human behaviour than the title would lead us to believe.

pp. 225 Rights sold: Italy (Giunti), Germany (Rotbuch hc / Piper pb), Portugal (Editora Best Seller), Korea (Shiyushi)

Francesco Santoianni lives in Naples and is an expert on disaster control and prevention.