De ontdekking van Amerika door Johan Padan - Dario Fo

Not a comedy, but rather the tragi-comic novel of an Italian adventurer, Johan Padan, who is caught up in the ruthless Spanish conquest of the New World. The book is about the culture clash between the Europeans and the indigenous people of America and the brutal colonization of these people by the Spaniards who enslaved them and plundered their land and riches for their empire. Johan’s adventures (he even becomes the chief of the Native Americans in Florida), may seem like a weird invention, but all the historical facts are true! Johan Padan speaks a language called Gramelot, a fantastic language created by Dario Fo and made up of various Italian dialects, words from other languages and pure linguistic invention. Thanks to this Gramelot, a sort of poor man’s Esperanto, it has been possible for Mr. Fo to be understood and appreciated the world over. The text comes complete with an Italian translation by Franca Rame, Mr. Fo’s companion in life and on the stage, and is filled with Mr. Fo’s beautiful and humorous illustrations which put the work in correct visual and narrative sequence. They are more than just simple drawings: they explain the story, set the scene and transport the reader inside the text.
(illustrations by the Author)
Gramelot text with 20, 000 words in Italian
pp. 132
Rights sold: US + North America (Grove/Atlantic), Germany (Verlag der Autoren), France (Dramaturgie), Greece (Koan), Holland (De Geus), Spain (Seix Barral), Poland (Wyd. Literackie),Turkey (Aksoy)
Film in the make (cartoons)
Production: Progetto Immagine