Au commencement de la philosophie - Hans-Georg Gadamer

In his only book-length work on Pre-Socratic philosophy, Gadamer undertakes an extended philological and philosophical exploration of the beginnings of Greek philosophy, which also represents the beginning of Western culture. A theme that, in his own words “touches on current problems of our own culture, which finds itself not only in a phase of radical change but also one of uncertainty and lack of self-assurance”. These beginnings were open to infinite developments and directions, and only in the course of time took on a particular orientation, just as a young person starts in life with a feeling of uncertainty but also in excitement at the chances lying ahead. A stimulating discourse on human thought, in short easy-to-read chapters based on Gadamer’s lectures and revised by himself.
pp. 128
Rights sold: Germany (Reclam), Spain (Paidos), Italy (Guerini), World English (Continuum International), France (Du Seuil), Hungary (Osiris), Greece (Patakis)

Hans Georg Gadamer (Marburg 1900) is considered one of the most important contemporary philosophers. He owes his fame to Wahrheit und Methode, now considered a classic, in which he set out the philosophy of hermeneutics and opened new perspectives in today's culture and thought. Hans Georg Gadamer died in March 2002 aged almost 102 years.