Cerebros verdes fritos - Jacopo Fo

A hilarious self-help manual that will wean the reader once and for all of alternative therapies. A pioneering work, ushering in a new science: human stupidology. After reading all it has to say about brain, psyche, inner being and unconscious, both doctor Freud and doctor Frankestein will seem tame by comparison.

pp. 170 Rights sold: Italy (Mondadori), Spain (Robinbook)

Jacopo Fo is a prolific writer on the subject of Alternative Health, having written a whole Encyclopaedia of informative and humorous how-to-books. He is the founder of Alcatraz, an alternative health resort in the green countryside of Umbria where he along with an expert staff conduct yoga and other Eastern health practices. He is currently writing another stimulating book to add to his Universal Encyclopaedia.